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How we got started...

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(ō-bē-kā) or O-B-K

Obi: to have courage or heart
Ike: with strength and intensity
OBiiKE: confident

We are a family-owned and operated gym that exist to encourage and inspire you to reach your lifetime health and fitness goals! In other words, we want everyone to get healthy, grow strong, and have fun together!

For the past 10 years we’ve expanded from training together as a family, to training others one on one, to training groups out of our 400 sqft. garage, and now we’ve moved into a 4,000 sqft. training facility with hopes to train and coach you!

The training you receive at OBiiKE builds more than just your physical strength. You will build mental fortitude and perseverance both inside and outside the gym. Every workout is programmed to challenge and increase our athlete’s strength and conditioning while our coaches ensure the athlete performs proper technique at their appropriate fitness level. It is our experience that when our OBiiKE athletes combine courage and strength, under intensity, confidence is discovered! We absolutely love being a part of that journey.


Our gym is a family operated facility. We understand the importance of family and we understand the importance of health. We love teaching our little ones to stay active, and we like doing the same with our members.

We started our love for fitness in our own garage and little by little, started growing our fitness group. We realized we could take things to the next level if we got an actual fitness facility.

Our workouts provide variety with all of the different type of gym equipment our facility carries. Not one workout will ever be the same. We guarantee you won’t get bored at our gym. We even do workouts outside if the weather permits it.

At OBiiKE Fitness we don’t like forcing you into doing this, we want you to want to come workout with us. Fitness is meant to be challenging and fun! We want your time in our gym to be one of the best hours of your day!

We also welcome visitors. If you’re from out of town and visiting the Round Rock, Texas, come say hi and enjoy our fitness facility. Click here to get your drop-in pass.


When you walk into our gym, you’ll find a vast variety of equipment. Our gym equipment consists of Dumbells for free weight movements, Kettle bells for those fun kettle bell swings and weighted squats. We also have jump ropes for those lovely double unders that you love to work on. Wall balls to get those quads burning.

We have a speed ladder that helps with coordination and agility. Our Gym also carries barbells for all of those fun CrossFit movements such as snatches, back squats, deadlifts, push press, thrusters, and strict presses. We also carry a lot of other fun equipment that most other gyms do not carry, like battle ropes that will get every part of your body burning.

As you can see we like adding a ton of variety to our fitness. At our gym you’ll find that no workout is the same, and you’ll see the difference in your body!


Our gym is located in Round Rock, Texas.  Click here for a list of things to do in the area before or after you visit our Gym.

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