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Alyssa Kyle

Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Coach, OnRamp Coach


NASM Group Fitness Certification 

Third Degree Black Belt - Moo Duk Kwan Taekwondo 

Lead Instructor at Legacy PKC Martial Arts

Coach Intro

I’m a born and raised Texas girl. Growing up was always an adventure at our house. I have to say, I think my years of goat wrangling and chasing down chickens was definitely the start of my athletic lifestyle. Eventually, I put all my acquired skills to use, and sports became a huge part of my life. The one that’s always stuck with me is martial arts. I ended up in martial arts out of sheer insistence that I would not be left out or outdone by my two brothers who were about to start taking it. Little did I know that it would become something I fell in love with and have now studied for over half my life. Through martial arts, I have had the opportunity to be an instructor for over 6 years. I hold my 3rd-degree black belt through both PKC Karate and Bill “Superfoot” Wallace's Superfoot System. My family now owns and runs a martial arts school. Martial arts showed me my love for teaching and leading people in a physically active setting. Because of this, I decided to pursue my passion for fitness by completing my NASM Personal Trainer Certification.

Turning Point

Motivation & Passion

I have always loved being active. However, where I really got into fitness was through an incredible strength and conditioning coach I had in volleyball. His passion for coaching and helping people move better and perform at their best sparked a love for fitness in me and it’s only grown since. Having that love for fitness brought into my life has impacted me in every way. So, I coach with that in mind. I know firsthand the physical, mental, and overall positive changes that fitness can bring to someone's life. I realize that for many, fitness can become a passion that’s just one good coach away from being unlocked. My hope and desire are that I can help others spark that passion.

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